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A Note from Jack

Jack Prize

I like fast-paced mysteries. That’s why I became a writer. I wanted to read a book I liked.


There’s nothing wrong with a book that takes fifty pages before something happens. I’ve enjoyed a few of these. But give me a novel where there’s a body on the first page, and I’m hooked.


I want to serve up a plate for the reader that has all the ingredients of mystery, history, horror, humor, satire, violence, sex, and insight. And even though suspense and mystery drive my stories, much of the content is non-fiction. My characters live in today’s world.


Please join me as I work to bring Michael Law Mysteries to readers around the globe. My Blog on this site will put you in a writer’s frame of mind, from creative inspiration to publication. Please contact me and share your thoughts as we make this journey together.


I CUT is the first of many Michael Law Mysteries I hope you will enjoy.

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