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     Can the slimmest of clues uncover the darkest of crimes? That is the challenge for Dr. Michael Law.  In the suspenseful mystery, I CUT, Law uses his medical skills to hunt an elusive serial killer as evil forces target him for death. I CUT is the first in a series of thrillers where the abnormal and the paranormal attack the normal community of Orange County, California.


     …Law noticed Waterford watching him when they walked into the workplace of the deputy coroner.

     Law reasoned the lieutenant expected people to be on edge as they visited a place devoted to death.  First-time visitors often averted their eyes.  They didn’t want to see the hanging scales above the stainless-steel operating tables.  And these same visitors also feigned nonchalance to the pungent scent of bleach and formaldehyde.

     He inwardly chuckled at the memory.  It was a far better smell than the odor of a decomposing body with its grab-you-in-the-back-of-the-throat stench of splattered diarrhea and rotten eggs.  Now that was overwhelming!

     The deputy slid a wide metal door to the left, and Law and Waterford entered the massive stainless-steel box known as the body cooler.  They stood before two long lines of steel gurneys.  Each gurney held a body wrapped in a white plastic bag covering the body but exposing its feet.

     Attached to the stainless-steel ceiling were twelve air-conditioning units, six on the left and six on the right.  The units blew icy air over the dead and maintained a constant 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  The chill was familiar to Law.  All in all, he thought, the morgue was not much different from any other he had worked in…

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